The R.E.E.C.H. Project has partnered with Financial Education Services to offer the community life changing services. Learn about how your credit affects your everyday life as well as teaching 5th and 6th graders about Financial Literacy.

At The R.E.E.C.H. Project, we aim to rebuild hope where it’s been damaged or lost. We work to improve the core competencies (Health, Education, Career, Financial, Spiritual) of each individual we encounter. We introduce a variety of multi-media and professional development disciplinarians through artistic educational programs and services.

"No one is an island within themselves. Everyone in this world, at some point in time, needed something from someone else. The act of helping someone like someone helped you is the best gratitude a person could ever express. Paying it forward is better than any Black Card and donations to charitable non profit organizations are a great way to pay it forward."  

                                                                                                                                                                   - Michelamonè Henderson, M.Ed., Founder

our mission:

"Improving Lives, Changing Futures!"


Maintaining healthy, happy environments is an important, and often neglected part of community work. However, you can have fun in the process.

Your donations will help us save lives!

Suicide is 100% Preventable!


Sometimes giving information on just where to go for help is all someone needs. The rest is up to them. 

Our Programs

Our programs use different genres of the Arts to building esteem, self efficacy, character and spirit in youth and adults.