I am a suicide survivor that has a mandate to prevent as many suicides as I can. I have seen many things in this world and believe that, with help, people can endure and get through anything.


I've always been an adult. I say that in jest, but in real seriousness because all my life I have had to care for others. I didn't realize until later in life that I was being groomed into pure servant hood. Instead I resented that call on my life. Feeling like I had a bad break. But in reality, I was blessed to know what it looked like to be looked up to, called on, relied upon. It was only after I realized, the true call of what seemed like my world never stopped tumbling, that I knew it was all the making of a leader. 

Recent Programs

Once the Beta-Testing for the business course, that Michelamoné will be conducting, has been completed she will be able to provide much needed services to community entrepreneurs. 


If you have able hands, we want your help. Whether it's on our board as a member, serving food, sending out thank you cards, greeting at our events or collecting donations, we need you. And so do communities in need.

We do a lot to improve lives and change futures those in need!

Mission & Vision

We are a 501(c)3 Organization that has a simple, but robust mission: to improve the lives of each person we encounter. We do this using artistic, multi-media and professionally developed educational programs and services.  

Our Board

Nina Brooks

Michelamonè Henderson, M.ED

President & Founder

korliss laslie
Daun Fizer