We Teach to  REECH! By “Improving Lives, Changing Futures”

We believe that feeding someone else is a strong gesture. But teaching them to fish for their own food makes them stronger.
We are our brothers and our sisters keepers. We are only as strong as the communities that we serve.
We believe that success comes from how well you are able to pass on what you've learned to the next person. Taking the time to encourage someone else and to pour into  them what you know means that someone else is important.
We believe the best self esteem booster is integrity. Doing what's right even when no one else is watching builds respect, promotes self - esteem and grants privilege to people and places of favorable circumstances.
We believe that every person only has control over one person, themselves.  Being accountable for your own actions lends to a community of responsible  people.

Help us R.E.E.C.H. our goals by Joining us and taking a vow to Speak Up, Speak Out and Speak life. For a $20 donation plus shipping fee you will receive this beautiful t-shirt to commemorate your stand in fighting bullying, depression and suicide! Join us and Speak Up, Speak Out and Speak Life!