Our President & Founder

Michelamonè Henderson, M.Ed.

Michelamonè holds a Masters Degree in Adult Education Development and Training. She is a motivational speaker, a mentor and business coach. She has been know to train and speak in front of groups of 1 to 3500 people at any given time. A woman of great vision, she has had many accomplishments throughout her years in the business world and in the ARTS. She has owned a consulting firm, her own insurance company, two separate photography businesses, a magazine and now President and Founder of The R.E.E.C.H. Project. She has been named the Distinguished Alumnus for her alma mater AIU. 

A Chicago native, Michelamonè has found that her love for the arts is just as prevalent as her love for business. You can find her imprint as a Choreographer, a performer in the art of dance, a Poet and actor. She played one of the original 13 Women for two years and 13 Men in September 2014. Her talents have been featured on television with a role in a nationally televised commercial for T-Mobile as well as on several radio stations here in Chicago. Recently she has written and directed her own stage production, My Last Party™ has gone up in two separate sold out runs in 2016 and 2017. 

As the President of The R.E.E.C.H. Project, Michelamonè has a strong desire to help the youth and the community at large. She intends to bring a wealth of business, art and performance knowledge to the community in order to make real changes. She designed and facilitates programs for youth such as, “Loving Me Via the Lens” ™, a creative photography and performance art school program, designed to teach character building, self-esteem, entrepreneurship and public speaking as well as “My Last Party” ™, a suicide awareness and prevention program that deals with shedding light on the issues and risks that cause suicide. She is also the writer, producer and educator of Her Business Playbook, a step by step workshop on how to start a business. Her desire is to make these programs accessible to many more youth, adults and the community at-large in order to shift mind sets and paths within the community.

With her faith in The Heavenly Father she truly believes that she can do all things. Currently, she is working on her books titled Rejection Saved My Life and Pushing Passivity. Michelamonè has two beautiful children, Stephaun and Khyla.