The Her Business Playbook Masterclass answers the “how to” questions and keeps the entrepreneur excited about their business journey. It is designed to be a training that walks one through a series of progressive and rewarding steps. It will coach entrepreneurs on endurance, order, knowledge and motivation towards running a successful business. This masterclass is not meant to be par for the course, but rather a strategic guide that places entrepreneurs in position to go for the win. Each entrepreneur is guided through a series of steps within 6 weeks concerning all things business and culminates in helping them complete industry standard business plans. To enroll in the course email Michelamonè at 

Loving Me Via the Lens™ is a Creative Photography and Performance Arts Program that is designed to teach youth alternative ways to view themselves and the communities that they live, work and play in. In order for them to make this transition they would need to be built up through exercises that yield self-esteem, self-efficacy, character, entrepreneurial and communication skills. The direct result of this would then build Social/Emotional Development Standards that match the Illinois Learning Standards requirements in order to be a collaborating factor to better our communities’ one child at a time.

 Here are some quick points about the program:

  • A creative afterschool program that teaches builds and promotes self-esteem, character building, entrepreneurship and public speaking skills while learning basic photography
  • Mirrors the premise and goals of the Common Core State Standards
  • Promotes Social/Emotional Development Standards
  • Teaches the ability to practice expressing positive feelings about others along with handling pressure situations (e.g., taking a test, participating in a competitive activity, bullying)
  • Based off of Highly Scientific Research concerning youth learning through the Arts.
  • It is in direct correlation of the Illinois PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports) process and at least three of its Four Elements (Social Competence and Academic achievement, Supporting decision making and supporting student behavior)
  • Services participants ages 10-19 in a 32-week program
  • Utilizes the mixture of all behavioral Instructional Learning Theories to give a comprehensive learning structure
  • Students walk away with not only lifelong lessons but a camera through parental monthly help
  • We showcase the student’s hard work: One Finale Gallery per school year that combines all participating students at one locationThis program gives back to the community: Proceeds from Finale Gallery goes to a charity/school chosen by participants for each location

My Last Party™ Suicide and Awareness and Prevention Program uses participative workshops with theatre performance and an excellent support structure to promote positive mental health, suicide prevention in order to challenge the stigmas and myths around mental health. The project would be run in collaboration with an area ran mental health agency. My Last Party™ incorporates three main components: the workshop, the performance of My Last Party™ and a support structure. A school or community organization can utilize the workshop and/or performance. The performance workshop is ran and performed by the students under the supervision of the My Last Party™ Staff. This is a way for the youth to develop a stronger awareness of the issues and coping mechanisms through theater and performance arts experience.

Each workshop offers an introduction to issues around positive mental health and suicide prevention, looking at some common myths and facts about suicide, exploring life stresses and positive coping mechanisms and signs for suicidal intent and how to take action. The subjects are explored through active participation in theatre exercises and monologues. A trained drama facilitator delivers the workshops working in partnerships with a qualified counsellor who is also in attendance. In addition to the workshop conducted by The R.E.E.C.H. Project, follow-up workshops are available from the collaborated mental health agency.

The performance of My Last Party™ in schools consists of 8 monologues adapted from the experiences of those who have lost loved ones to suicide and from the experiences of students who have been through a suicidal crisis and survived. The entire process from writing, auditioning, directing and performing is taught. This gives the youth involved an opportunity to use positive interactions and expression as well as the knowledge of theater from behind the stage. Once the show actually goes up, the performances run for forty-five minutes with each performance followed by a post-show discussion with a counsellor and invited guest speakers. At the end, conversations are encouraged to explore what the youth think about what has been viewed.

In keeping with best practice, a support structure is in place for the workshops and performances. A representative from The R.E.E.C.H. Project meets with the school prior to the workshop taking place to discuss elements of the project and related resource material.

An information pack including a leaflet on the mental health, suicide awareness and prevention as well as The R.E.E.C.H. Project and it includes a list of support agencies and their contact information. Also included is a workshop evaluation form to be completed and returned to The R.E.E.C.H. Project.

Drama is a proven effective way of giving youth the ability to ask very real questions on the ever expanding issues that surround suicide and self-harm. Using dramatic personalization’s means, they can focus their attention and thoughts on the character instead on their own personal experience. This will allow for open dialogue and conversation. The use of monologues is extremely effective in expressing the multitude of feelings experienced by those bereaved by suicide and of those with suicidal thoughts.

My Last Party™ Stage Production is an interactive stage play that depicts the lives of 10 individuals and how they have been affected and even infected by suicide. We debunk myths and discuss the warning signs of depression and suicide and give antidotes on how to deal with a family or friend that may be suffering in silence. 

This stage production has not only impacted the lives of the audience members but has also done so for the cast that have shared their gift of acting on stage. Here are some testimonials of people from the audience and the stage were impacted by this life changing production. 

"Amen. It was a great portrayal of those who contemplate suicide and the symptoms of those who are on the brink of committing this act. God bless you Michelamon'e." - Mae Davis (Audience member)

"I enjoyed the My Last Party Stage Production!!! Everyone was great!!! Can't wait for what's in store next" - Elise O. (Audience Member)

"About Last Night... Spectacular!!! I would like to thank Michelamon'e for the vision of this ministry, God's planned purpose! - Donna Patrice H. (Cast Member)

"I'm so proud of Michelamon'e, she demonstrated such talent in writing and directing this production." - Nate H. (Audience Member)

"Last night's production was mind blowing!!! I was so grateful to be apart of history for the R.E.E.C.H. Project! Business investors and sponsors if you are looking for a community project to support, THIS IS ONE that will give you a great return on your investment! I was blessed to see my vested money well spent to save lives through the arts for suicide awareness and prevention! Worth every penny!!! - Lisa "Lava" R., CEO Witty Inventions (Platinum Sponsor)

"This production was more that I expected. It was outstanding!!! The cast was so good and they displayed characteristics that I hear sometimes in people around me and even in myself when I was on the verge of taking my own life. Thank you it was great! I now see why people came back to see it again. I can't wait to see it again." - Leon L. (Audience Member)

"Wow!!! This production is going global!!!" - Tyrone T. (Audience Member and fellow Playwright)

" For the last two weeks I've been going through a mental break down because reentry into society has been depressing. I've suffered from depression over the years without anyone ever knowing because I do what I do best, smile. God sends us messages mysteriously and I realized today, God is not through with me yet. I attended the My Last Party Stage Production and it showed me that I am not alone. You never know what's going on in someone else's place. Thank you Michelamon'e that play was needed." - Tennille H. (Audience Member)

​"This is a life changing production." - Dave E. (Cast Member)

"It's a wake up call...we need to spread the word about My Last Party so we can save lives in the community." - Pheonix T. (Audience Member)

Workshops and Programs ...

Whether its a workshop about suicide with students, parents, teachers or the community at large; The R.E.E.C.H. Project aims to not only serve, but to educate the community on suicide, bullying, career readiness, business startup and a gamut of other educational programs; that are geared towards building, strengthening and encouraging you and family units as a whole. We believe if you build the self-esteem, character, strength and financial status of an individual you ultimately change their lives and the communities they live and work in. We plan to "Improve Lives and Change Futures" ONE individual at a time.