The Her Business Playbook Masterclass answers the “how to” questions and keeps the entrepreneur excited about their business journey. It is designed to be a training that walks one through a series of progressive and rewarding steps. It will coach entrepreneurs on endurance, order, knowledge and motivation towards running a successful business. This masterclass is not meant to be par for the course, but rather a strategic guide that places entrepreneurs in position to go for the win. Each entrepreneur is guided through a series of steps within 6 weeks concerning all things business and culminates in helping them complete industry standard business plans. To enroll in the course email Michelamonè at 

Loving Me Via the Lens™ is a Creative Photography and Performance Arts Program that is designed to teach youth alternative ways to view themselves and the communities that they live, work and play in. In order for them to make this transition they would need to be built up through exercises that yield self-esteem, self-efficacy, character, entrepreneurial and communication skills. The direct result of this would then build Social/Emotional Development Standards that match the Illinois Learning Standards requirements in order to be a collaborating factor to better our communities’ one child at a time.


The Butterfly Affect not to be confused with the Butterfly Effect. I was inspired to call it this because of the metamorphosis and or transformation of the butterfly going from something lowly that crawls on the ground to something that is beautiful and soars in its own right. The word AFFECT - a verb or an action word... means to make a difference to impact change by doing something. Versus the word EFFECT - a noun or a thing... The change that has happened as a result of the action. The Butterfly Affect was created to make a difference in the lives of those suffering from depression, anxiety and suicidal tendencies by providing awareness to the issues that cause these dynamics.   

Workshops and Programs ...

Whether its a workshop about suicide with students, parents, teachers or the community at large; The R.E.E.C.H. Project aims to not only serve, but to educate the community on suicide, bullying, career readiness, business startup and a gamut of other educational programs; that are geared towards building, strengthening and encouraging you and family units as a whole. We believe if you build the self-esteem, character, strength and financial status of an individual you ultimately change their lives and the communities they live and work in. We plan to "Improve Lives and Change Futures" ONE individual at a time.